osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

This Week's More Pleasant News

Wussycrats convinced we already lost the election, please ignore. I know you have excellent reasons why none of this matters. But, since we already lost, forgive me my delusion that there is still an election going on.

For those not Wussycrats, reasons to be cheerful this week.

1) Obama's strategy (yes, he had one) of refusing to engage Palin and going after McCain is paying dividends already. The constant R effort to bring the conversation back to Palin is looking increasingly desperate even to their own people. I also note that the press, rather than being cowed by the Rs, seem to be taking some fiendish delight in actually pressing on Palin's "bridge to nowhere" line.

2) The McCain campaign finds itself increasingly on the defensive. Palin dropped the line about turning down the bridge to nowhere when it became clear the MSM was not actually going to drop it, but would continue to do stories on the utter brazenness of it. There is also a growing story that the McCain campaign inflated attendance counts at their rallies last week. Add to that McCain's sudden turn around on the economy and his about face on embracing regulation, coupled with the "Blackberry" gaffe, and his credibility is seriously starting to suffer.

3) Serious conservative columnists, such as David Brooks, are uestioning whether Palin is really a wise choice for VP.

All of which means nothing to my Wussycrat friends who, in their non-elitist way, continue to beleive that Americans are racist morons who will ignore everything for Palin's "just like us" quality because we all know Americans are morons. and why the heck do they think we are elitist anyway? Heck, we'd better cave on something new, quickly, before they imagine we stand for something. Morons.

I'm feeling relatively good at the moment. Yes, it is still a long way to good, and the Rs will not give up easily. But after I stopped talking to Wussycrats I immediately began to feel much better.

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