osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Will Any of the Free Market Fans Admit They Screwed Up?

I will generally admit when I was wrong. For example, after the 700 MHz auction, I posted that I had been wrong about whether package bidding and large license blocks would encourage new entry. There were arguments on both sides, I made a judgment call. I was wrong. And, as a result, Verizon ended up with C block. I even went so far as to tell certain Commissioners that yup, they were right and I was wrong.

This is, I am given to understand, one of the reasons why people tend to listen to me.

I don't see a heck of that elsewhere, which is a pity. But it does lead me to wonder, will anyone who explained how folks like me who kept predicting stuff like the econ meltdown would happen if we removed every single firewall put in place after the Great Depression and put nothing in its place come out with a mea culpa or two? Or will they just harrumph and explain how they really were absolutely completely right and it was all becuse of something totally unrelated and unpredictable.

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