osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Because, Of Course, No One Saw That Coming . . . .

Lo and behold! With McCain steadily losing ground, the McCain campaign announced a plan to go even more negative. And, of course, Palin has now started the 'Ayers attack'.


How sad to see the party of Karl Rove reduced to such utter predictability. The utter brilliance of the previous negative ad campaigns -- such as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- was their utter unpredictability and their careful calculation wrt to timing and image.

This was both ill executed and utterly predictable.

I do not anticipate that it will have strong impact in and of itself. We will see voters who were naturally suspicious of Obama for a variety of reasons reawakening to their suspicions and we will once again see disaffected elements of the base -- which wants to believe -- "coming home." But the mass of independents are unlikely to be significantly swayed by the current campaign (which I expect will also recycle Farakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and probably recount Obama's descriptions of experimental drug use in his memoir).

I look forward to seeing whether the Republicans will have reconstructed themselves by 2010, and whether the Dems will melt down in 2010. But for now, the Republicans have hit absolute rock bottom.

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