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This Year's Kohelet Reading

As always, I look forward to the annual reading of the book of Ecclesiastes as one of the highlights of the season. It is always uplifitng and soothing. Every year, I find myself "discovering" new favorite quotes in addition to the ones I frequently ponder and rely upon.

This year seemed to come largely from the very practical Ch. 11 (someday, I will write at length on the internal structure and narrative of Kohelet. One of the biggest mistakes s to view Kohelet as a collection of proverbs and to assign equal weight to all elements and fail to recognize the narrative structure and the emotional development of the author.)

"The light is sweet, and it is good for one's eyes to see the Sun." (11:7)

Mind you, I was particularly struck this year by most of Ch. 11.

I also nominate as the quote for this election: "Better the rebuke of the wise than the song of fools." (7:5)

Kohelet -- keeping it real for 3000 yrs.

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