osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

How Is Senator Bob Corker Like Laban the Aramite?

See my latest post here, wherein a suggest that Corker and the rest go back to Sunday School for a bit. They seem to have missed some rather importnant parts of the Bible.

I find the effort to demonize unions for succesful negotiations disgraceful. Is anyone asking that secured creditors forgive part of the massive debt owed by the Big 3? Bluntly, it would do a heck of a lot more good if we required secured creditors to renegotiate debt on a schedule with a date certain for when they will forgive 50% of the debt owed by the Big 3 than reducing the wages and benefits of unions members who negotiated and labored in good faith, and now find themselves cheated of the wages for which they labored.

What is it about so many people in this country that we demand that the elderly and those who have done nothing other than follow their contracts forced to give up their promised wages for nothing, while not making similar demands on secured creditors? If a contract is sacred, it is sacred for all? Yet those who consistently oppose modification of the bankruptcy code to protect widows and orphans from being ejected into the street because contracts are sacred have no problem demanding that the elderly who worked their lives at a job in the promise of a good pension give up their contract? And worse, demand it as a matter of moral equity, because others who did not form unions negotiated poorer deals?

I understand why the companies an their supporters in Congress say it. I understand why Fox news and their lackeys say it. I just don't understand why so many people seem to believe it. Or rather, I do. But I prefer for them to have to say out loud "it has nothing to do with contracts or Libertarian theory or anything I pretend to believe."

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