osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

And The Wheel Of Karma Goes Round and Round and Round, Round and Round

Palin still pissed at media.

I particularly liked the part where she says she is still getting calls about internet rumors that she is not the actual mother of her child.

Mind you, it's not simply payback, although I confess I'm human enough to enjoy the fact that Palin is feeling exactly what she would have inflicted on Obama and his supposed "paling around with terrorists" if she could have. Rather, the only way to change the rules under which we have these very nasty elections is for EVERY participant of all parties to suffer so much crap over it that both sides back off.

Why do we have laws that prevent things like murder and kidnapping? It does not occur where one side is dominant and graciously decides to protect all others. It happens for the very practical reason that even those who might conceivably benefit gradually discover that the reality created in a world wihout such laws sucks rocks. If we want a world of policitics that minimizes dirty tricks, it must become clear (once again) to enough people that such tactics make life so miserable for your own people that they must be avoided.

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