osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Back Safe From GaFilk

Well, that was fun. But I will confess that after a week away, I am very happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed tonight.

I will hopefully give a full report on GaFilk later. Briefly: we could not have been treated more wonderfully as Interfilk guest & family. The singing was absolutely first rate. I hope someone got a video of the Roper/Sutton performance at the dead dog! I really want a CD of the GaFilk Banquet Band. Emma Bull was amazing in concert. I will not even begin to list all the friends I saw for fear of missing someone.

Best piece at the filk was Deborah (can't remember last name -- English and plays violin) reading about sweet potatoes.

For those who care, I think my set list was:

Hymn of the Grayson Farmer
Dark Lord Rising
Feast of My Kind
Iowa (my version)
March on Zhahaduhm
Ho for the Death of Time -- Narf
You're Group's Name Here
At The Battle of Malden (by Mistress Rosalind)
Welcome Home (by Mistress Dorigen of the Grey Gate)

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