osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Declan is Unhappy. Pwoooor Decwaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!

Declan McCullagh is one of the many reasons why traditional journalism is losing to the blogosphere. As far as I can tell, the only difference between Declan and myself are (a) I say I am writing my opinions instead of pretending to do reporting, and (b) I actually know WTF I am talking about.

Declan has just discovered that the broadband stimulus money will not be a free give away but will require that anyone taking the money adhere to the FCC's "4 Principles" on network openness. Mind, I regard this as pretty weak tea, seeing as how the FCC already said they were enforceable (allow me to preempt my Libertarian readers by observing the DC Circuit will settle this eventually and yes, I know you are outraged because you don't understand administrative law think this abused process and that I am a terrible person for not understanding this blah blah blah Ginger). Declan, however, is quite outraged. Mind, I would have no trouble with that if he put it on his blog or pushed it as an editorial rather than pretending it is a news story.

Still, we now get to point (b), Declan does not know WTF whereof he speaks (heck, the man can't tell the difference between a news piece and editorial, what did I expect). As I observed in my previous post, if'n y'all don't like what the government as purchaser wants DON"T TAKE PUBLIC MONEY!! Know what we call a Libertarian that takes public money - a whore.

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