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We're back from Pennsic

First: Pennsic was pretty good. Trip home had a mildly unpleasant incident. Coming home, however, we discovere that (a) air conditioning unit died and (b) toilet in basement jammed up on Greg. I managed to unjam it, but -filled bathroom in unairconditioned hourse will be unfun to clean.

And Nrivkis- please give me new phone number. Can't seem to get through to you on number I have.

About Pennsic- for Rivka and myself, this was about our least active Pennsic ever. It was a quiet Pennsic of convalesence and much needed down time rather than any of the usual activities. I did get out some -- but usually just to a single bardic circle or two rather than roaming around.

We left Monday rather than Sunday night after the fast, since we could not get ourselves packed up and into the car before 2 a.m. (my cut off point). So we finally got on the road about 10:30 a.m. Monday 8/15, getting us to Pennsic around 5 p.m. Located camp just fine. Much smaller than last year. Also found out that next year there will probably not be a "Storvik" (our barony) encampment. But most of us who camped together will probably continue to do so.

Anyway, we immediately had a problem because while we had sent stuff up with our friend Brenna to storage the problems that had plagued out pre=Pennsic existence had kept us from directly communicating. I had a key to a storage unit, but no storage unit number. The storage unit people had no record of my name.
So I manually tried every lock until I found our cube. A fine application of Feld's First Law, I suppose, but it took awhile.

Anyway, we eventually got ourselves set up and I rushed out to Dorigen's bardic circle. Pleasant, but I was exhausted and left around 1 a.m.

France (whose LJ User name I forget) and her son Alex camped with us. France was such a help that I promised to memorize Villion's poem "Evil on Him Who Speaks Evil on France" and recite it at the filksing of her choice (will see if I can memorize the French as well as the translation). Also had fun being France's "big brother" when we wandered to the "No Laurels Allowed" circle Friday night. (She had gone back to check on Alex and bring back some hard cider. On her way back, a gentleman asked te SCa equivalent of "so, what's a prety lady like you doing on out alone on a night like this?" answer "I'm bringing hard cider back to my big brother, and he'll be real angry if I'm late." "Have a nice night.")

Alex and Aaron got on like brothers. That is to say, by the end of the week, they were constantly getting on each other's nerves. But all in all, they got on reasonably well and formed a good play group with the kids in the next camp over.

And Aaron had to deal with the "I keep kosher" (later "and shabbos") and therefore do not get to play with all the other kids. Biggest problem was marshmallows. We didn't bring kosher ones, and it is hard to find kosher marshmallows outside of a kosher specialty store. So we got him fluff and graham crackers and chocolate bars.

Work crisis has found me. More later.

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