osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Turns Out Americans Like News After All . . .

Ratings are up for hard news shows, such as The News Hour and 60 Minutes.

Ya know, it's a funny thing. For years, the networks thought that people didn't like hard news, so they made their news shows lighter and fluffier and cut news resources. And ratings got worse, so they made the news even lighter and fluffier and less substantive. And the ratings got even more dreadful. So they kept cutting news and cutting news. But no matter how much they cut, the audience kept leaving. Indeed, the more they cut, the more the audience left. Which obviously proved that no one in America wanted to watch even the little bit of fluffy, happy, patriotic celebrity-oriented news still left in broadcast or in the newspaper. And it was all because of that damned internet. Which people went to for news -- particularly foreign news coverage which actually had some substance.

And then, when Americans were offered serious news, they flocked back in droves.

As is so often the case, Americans often turn out to be much smarter and better people than we give ourselves credit for -- despite our all to human flaws.

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