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Linkharvest: Senate Stimulus Bill Text


For some reason, it is being reported that the NN language did not make the Senate version of broadband stimulus. In fact, it did. Section 201(8) of the relevant Title says:
(8) Concurrent with the issuance of the Request for Proposal for grant applications pursuant to this section, the Assistant Secretary shall, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, publish the non-discrimination and network interconnection obligations that shall be contractual conditions of grants awarded under this section.

That's different from the House language, in that it leaves formulation of the exact provisions of the conditions to the NTIA Administrator. In this political climate, that could end up being stronger or weaker than the House language, which spells out explicit conditions for net neutrality and leaves it to the FCC to define "open access."

In any event, if the provision survives Committee vote (which I expect), it is unlikely to get pulled on the floor. The Stimulus bill may not get past cloture, of course, and the House and Senate versions will need reconciliation. But with NN language in both the House and Senate bills, and Rs playing "sulk in the corner" games, I don't see NN being pulled.

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