osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Amusing conversation with [Unknown LJ tag]

beckyfeld: Why do we have to call Cavtel to shut off DSL?
Me: Because DSL is a Title I service.
BF: But it comes over the same line as the phone.
Me: Yes. But it's different. It's Title I, not Title II, so there is no port requirement and they can't accept third party requests.
BF: And if we'd been getting Cavtel TV?
Me: We'd have to cancel that separately as well, because that is a Title VI service -- although I'm not sure if CavTel treats it as Title VI or Title I.
BF: This is insane! How can it possibly make a difference?
Me: Explain to me why HIPA distinguishes between certain kinds of information and the entities who hold them.
BF: grumble . . ..

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