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Good from 538.com

Fivethirtyeight.com continues to churn out very thoughtful stuff. A bunch of good links I don't really have time to process at the moment.

Original article on "Two progressivisms."

response to Sirota and other critics.

Much as I like Nate Silver, I think he misses the point on how the Clinton policies -- particularly in the financial sector -- laid the groundwork for the current crisis. A restoration of Clinton-era policies, or even policy approaches, would not create the same level of prosperity because we are at the end of the financial speculation run rather than at its inception. Nor are we poised to create an entire new sector of the economy, as happened when the Internet burst into popular usage in the mid-1990s.

Indeed, the stimulus bill repudiates significant Clinton-era policies without embracing central planing by recognizing the critical role of state and local government and the non-commercial sector, as well as the importance of transparency and public input. Granted, this is because the Obama team have the benefit of the experience -- and includes Clinton people who learned from their experiences.

What stimulus teaches about messaging for healthcare. This hits a lot of good points, but misses the broader picture on the nature of the culture change going on in both DC and the rest of the country. Notably, the debate over the appropriate role of government, the willingness of citizens to participate in policy, and the general decline in the simplistic view of free market fundamentalism.

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