osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I'm Not Sure the Corralation Is Accurate

Well, nothing gets more hits like a news article about porn, unless it's a news article abou political hypocrisy. So of course ABC could not resist this title (and neither could I) Porn in the USA: Conservatives Biggest Consumers.

Honesty compels me to note, however, that the correlation is unproven based on the data in the article. Because it was anonymized credit card data, the porn vendor in question could only identify the source state of the purchase, not the actual political affiliation of the purchaser. Yes, it is playing the odds to assume that a larger number of people from conservative-voting states are conservative. But it could be argued that it is the handful of pornography-loving liberals, frustrated by the absence of sex-shops on every corner distributing pornography and giving free abortions as found in all major blue states, that are driving up the consumption rates in Real America.

More research is clearly required!

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