osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

National Light Path Proposal


National Public Lightpath: Policy and Technology Platform for Meeting the Connectivity Challenge in the U.S.
Joaquín Alvarado [Director, Institute for Next Generation Internet, SFSU]

Abstract: A Consideration of the Future of the Internet

The Internet the U.S. helped to create is now being pushed to the limits by the phenomenal success of innovative applications in social networking, community communications, and business innovation. While our partners and competitors internationally are making major investments in their high speed fiber infrastructure to provide the right network for the global marketplace, the U.S. languishes in the Cable Modem-DSL universe that is neither sufficient nor future proofed to insure our continuing viability as a leader in technology. This dialogue will explore the emergence of the National Public Lightpath as a solution to this Connectivity Challenge. The National Public Lightpath is a vision, plan and consortium of Public Broadcasting, Community Based Organizations, Industry and people working to create a national high speed network agenda that leverages the strength and vision of our research community in partnership with the public and private sectors.

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