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Work crisis and air conditioning solved

Happily, work crisis has been resolved and our air conditioning is now fixed. Hooray! A few more quick reflections on Pennsic.

I had some bardic high points at Pennsic that should not be forgotten. First, I was flattered to be asked by my friend Brion to participate in a showcase of storytelling talent. A most prestigious company including Cariodoc, Fiana, Morgana, Brion and another story teler whose name I have sadly forgotten (but whom Aaron loved). Knowing who was up, who I followed, and what Fiana planned to do, I was able to talor my stuff to match.

I went to two invitation only circles- one Monday night held by my Laurel, Dorigen, and one hosted by Master Effenwalt of Atlantia. The later was fairly small, especially as we crammed inside Effenwalt's tent when it started to rain. Most amusing to have high power bards sudden burst into "We are the pirates who don't do anything!" (From Veggie Tales) (My slogan for Veggie Tales- Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal salad?)

I also went to Enchanted Ground one night. A very good crowd and both Fiana and her apprentice Chiara walked away with a silver armband (Fiana's seventh, Chiara's first).

I also ended up at Windmaster's Hill twice. Lots of fun, especially the circle on Saturday night. For those unfamiliar, Saturday night is "eat it, drink it, or burn it" time at Pennsic (since we have to leave by Sunday). The Windmaster folks are lots of fun and have very talented musicians. And the "no Laurels" bardic circle on Friday night was fun.

Thursday I did my annual meal with my bardic family. This has usually been a very elaborate affair, with an opportunity to "strut my stuff" in the cooking. But I couldn't pull that together this year so I just bought a mess of lox and goat cheese before leaving home and we limited it to just family. For those interested, my bardic "family" are:

Dorigen of the Grey Gate (OL)

Her direct apprentices: Esperanza HaLevi (OL), Fiana of Clare (OL), Anna De Guzman, and me (Yaakov)

Fiana's apprentices: Chiara and Toki Red Beard.

At this point, everyone has held the position of kingdom bard or equivalent* (if I may kvell a bit)

*I've been Kingdom Poet twice, but not Kingdom Bard.

Pennsic is the one time we get most of us together, as Chiara is in Eldermere and I am in Atlantia and Esperanza is in Aethelmark, so I was glad I could throw something together. We ended up not being all of us, as Esperanza and Chiara couldn't make it and Anna wasn't at War this year. But a fun time was had by all.

Rivka did not get to dancing this year at all. Just too tired. I didn't get to any classes or other activities. Pennsic was very much down time for us both, and much needed.

On the way back, we got delayed over a door ding in a rest stop parking lot (fellow said Aaron dinged his door, Becky said he didn't). Much to my annoyance, this guy's wife decided to call the state police. That stuck us there for an hour, as once the police were called in, it became a felony to leave the "scene of an accident." Why do people have to be so stupid instead of just taking the insurance information and moving on? Well, I do know, and it earns a reasonable living for some of my colleagues, but it was still ridiculous. I had my revenge by waiting for the police to come and allowing the woman who called the state trooper to explain why she called over a door ding. Sometimes, silence is the best policy.

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