osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Dora/Harry Potter Crossover

Today I introduced Aaron and Julian to the concept of cross-over fanfic. To entertain Julian (who was unhappy as a conseqence of being in his car seat instead of being permitted to roam the car at will), we did Dora the Explorer going to school. I wanted them to meet Paco from Maya & Miguel, but Aaron decided it would be better if they met Hedwig. So Hedwig delivered a letter to Dora and Boots from Harry Potter that his friend, a big snake, was trying to get to Brazil and got lost. So could they please give the snake the map drawn on the back of the letter? (Aaron and I had some discussion about whether Dora could understand the snake, since she was not a parselmouth. I pointed out that Dora could talk to all animals, which should include snakes. We then argued about whether the Snake spoke Portugese (which is different from the Spanish spoken by Dora and Boots). Aaron pointed out that the snake was born in captivity in England, so it would only speak English, not Portugese.)

Swiper, however, swiped the directions and threw them up a tree, so Dora had to get a bird (who only spoke Spanish) to get the letter -- which involved givng the number of branches up or down in Spanish (as well as "up" and "down").

Happily, we got to school after Dora got back the directions and gave them to the snake, who slithered away whispering thhhhhaaaanks Amigossssss.

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