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Go Gay Agenda!

Having chastised the same sex marriage movement in the past for their failure to focus on the political process, I should now applaud them for dong just that. And, as we can see, it is proving a superior strategy.

Maine is the most recent state to legalize same sex marriage through a vote of its state legislature. Each such victory makes the next victory easier, while simultaneously reducing the argument that allowing same sex marriage is a whacky "out of the mainstream" innovation of activist judges. It forces the debate into the public square, where the opposition to such marriages is forced to fend itself as a matter of basic principle and not as a matter of procedure.

We shall see if this makes a difference in the effort to overturn the legislation by voter referendum. I am willing to bet that Maine does not go the way of California, among other reasons because the process of legislative debate has forced proponents of same sex marriage to sharpen their arguments to the electorate and to recognize that the legislative process is a consensus building/legitimization tool. Whether one should need to go through such a process is rather a moot point if one cares about outcomes.

Similarly, I liked this op ed in Sunday's Washington Post. It is a strategic use of the Rick Warren thing to extract leverage at a strategic time. The tone is properly impatient without being personal, fitting the demand for action in the context of recent events. Again, legislative victories in the states drive national policy.

I don't know whether there has been a change in leadership or merely a change of tactics. But either way, it is nice to see -- and augurs well for future success.

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