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Spent today in day one of a two day pistol course. Am looking forward to learning to shoot things and getting a gun. Why? Because I always wanted to, but never took the time. So when Becky saw a notice on the Jewish Silver Spring list, she forwarded it.

All in all, it's been a pretty crappy week. The only real plus was (a) lunch with Naomi after her job interview, and (b) actually starting gaming with Naomi, which has begun well. Even so, the supposed three hour session was delayed by my getting stuck in a conference call I could not escape on one end, and needing to get Shmu at Children's (where he was assisting the Kluggerman family) on the other end. I have better hope for next time, which is as yet unscheduled because after this comming week I am travelling or otherwise unavailable the first three days of the week.

Professionally, we lost a major Hill vote (expected, but I hate to lose), a major case in the DC circuit (which could have gone either way), and could just goddam use some good news.

Personally, Friday I attended Dov Klugerman's funeral. He was only just 15. "Heartrending" doesn't begin to cover it.

Aaron has been dealing with it by regressing back to about age 6 and acting out, although I think this is improving. His friends are also showing various signs of grief and confusion. Avraham engaged me in a lengthy question and answer on what had happened and "if everyone prays real hard and is good, Mashiach will come and Dov will come back to life." Let me assure all atheists ad agnostics that hink being religious makes this stuff easier, they are quite mistaken. I do not envy Shmuel Monday at school.

This evening was the local boy scout/cub scout "Blue & Gold Banquet" for the Jewish troops (Troop 613 and our local pack, 452). Aaron earned all his achievements for his wolf badge, a gold arrow point, and two silver arrow points. We were pleased, as was he.

I have a ton of other stuff I'd like to blog about, personal and professional, but am doubtful I shall get the chance.

In any event, here's hoping this week is better than last week.

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