osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

GOP Hardliners Utterly Intent on Full Self-Destruction

According to this article in Politico, the RNC have called a special meeting where they will debate a resolution calling the Democratic Party "The Democrat Socialist Party."

I like the double insult, because the second is subtle. It's like the difference between Trekkies and Trekkers. Many hardcore Democrats -- especially when they were out of power and more sensitive -- were annoyed when people referred to their party as the "Democrat party" rather than the "Democratic Party."

Whether hardliners actually get this resolution passed or not, they do seem intent on opening themselves up for every increasing ridicule and driving away the moderate Rs like Snowe and Collins. Happily for them, the manstream media still have pre-2006 reflexes. I saw this via the Indecision2000 blog.

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