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Aaron has strep *sigh*

This morning Aaron took a long time to get dressed. This is not unusual in itself. Aaron frequently needs prompting to get dressed. If Daddy has to sing the "Rise and Shine" song, then he is in trouble.*

But this morning was different.

He replied "I'm itchy!" and had a rash all over his upper body and face. As we are just back from Pennsic, could have been mites, fleas, or even Lyme's for all I knew. We doused Aaron in Calohist and I drove him into camp while trying to get his doctor on the phone.

The pediatrician practice group agreed to take him at 1:45. Unfortunately, for Aaron, this meant missing bowling with his camp group and it meant I had to come over early and pick him up (since they were leaving at 12:30). Also meant cuttng out of work, but so it goes. We stopped for ice cream with the promise of bowling after the doctor if the doctor said it was o.k.

Doctor took a look and said "looks like strep." Then did a throat culture. Yep, strep. Script for Amoxocylin for ten days, keep quarantined for 24 hours (as Aaron will be highly contagious until the antibiotic kicks in).

Aaron is very very sad because tomorrow is the last day of camp before he starts school on Monday. He did not even get to say good bye to his summer friends and counsellors. And I _can't_ take him in tomorrow to say good bye. Physically, he is o.k. except for the itchies.

As mine is the more flexible schedule, I stay home with him tomorrow. This will give me a chance to clean up some while Aaron whatches videos. Also a chance for us to play backgammon and mancala and finish Scarecrow of Oz and have him do some more reading (he has gotten shockingly bad during the summer. I thought he was doing more reading than he really was, because our schedules have been so obnoxious. Ah well.)

Must also ad making shabbos to the list of new chores. We were going to go over the Estherchaya and Seth, but this is now not happening. While it will technically be 24 hours since he started taking the meds, it would be a very foolish risk to bring him to where he can infect estherchaya (who is very susceptible), Julian, and two pregnant friends.

I'll add Estherchaya offered to bring us food, but that is silly. I have plenty of time to cook and we actually can do Friday night dinner ourselves (even if I haven't for a while). We'll probably keep Aaron home and out of shul on shabbos, since I don't want to risk infecting the little kids.

A sad way for Aaron to end the summer. But I promised him that kids with strep get lots of ice cream.

*Oh the Daddy, told Aaron, you're gonna get in trouble trouble
Get yourself dressed, on the double double little Aaron Bear

So rise, and shine, or you're gonna get in trouble trouble
Get yourself dressed, on the double double little Aaron Bear

More verses added as needed.

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