osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Stop The Hypocracy: Why R Protest of Sotomayor Is Not Troubling Me

As we all gear up for the upcoming Sotomayor nomination fight, I plan to keep my outrage at Republican posturing to a minimum.

Why? Because we all ought to recognize that various organizations and political associations use big ticket items like Supreme Court nominations for a variety of purposes, all legitimate in a democracy such a ours. Further, at this point, posturing is pretty much all Rs can offer their base.

Yes, it is hypocritical to demand one standard for your candidate and use a different standard for the opposition. *shrug* From the D p.o.v., unless it turns out there is something entirely unknown in Sotomayor's background, getting the 60 votes needed to get past filibusterer is a near certainty. I cannot believe that Specter, Snowe or Collins are likely to vote against cloture, however they vote on the confirmation. Same with Kay Bailey Hutchison, who cannot afford to offend Latinos if she is serious about running for Governor of TX. Now add the remaining moderates in "purple" states like Voinovich.

From my perspective, the fact that a contentious fight around Sotomayor is likely to drive Latino voters further into the arms of the Ds is a plus.

So let us be grown ups and accept the political system for what it is. Conservative groups will campaign against Sotomayor in the same way that Liberal groups campaigned against Roberts and Alito. And they should, as this is a good platform for them to make their case and rally their troops. That is how democracy in this country works. Rather than pretending outrage at the shameless hypocrisy of it all, simply accept that this is what advocacy orgs do as part of making their case to the people.

No, I don't expect good behavior from Limbaugh, et al. So? They are not my metric for my behavior. I do not ignore them or discount them, but I do not allow them to drive my reactions. es, Heinlien was accurate in the general case when he observed in the Moon Is A Harsh Mistress that it is easier to get people to hate than to lov and that anger and outrage are good mass mobilization tools. But like all such tools, they have a time and place.

So, for my friends on the left, rather than get all irritated at the sight of the same people who demanded that "the President get his choice" of SCT Justice and that the only question is judicial qualifications now do a 180 degree shift to lambaste this "activist/empathetic radical left wing partisan pick," pull out the popcorn an settle in for a nice bit of political theater.

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