osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Broadband is totally Gay, and other strange things out of the FCC National BB Proceeding

Here's how I describe the current FCC proceeding on our national BB plan: Docket No. 09-52 for those of you moved to comment.

"So five years from now, you're having a beer with Barack Obama and saying 'Ya know, if you'd just listened to me on national broadband, we'd have had that problem solved.' So what do you want to be able to say in five years 'Told ya so.'"

Turns out, most people are pretty clueless on this subject. For example, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force decided to say in two pages: broadband is really good, because the blogosphere is totally gay.

Mind you, for the opposite extreme, you can always check out the 300+ page brick submitted by Free Press.

Then of course there's Hi, I'm David McClure of the US Internet Industry Association you may remember me from such comments as "I totally agree with the Bells" and "ILECs are so smart, we should do whatever they say." BTW, did I mention which ISPs are members of the USIIA?

As it happens, I participated in several comment drafting exercises, none of which are up yet.

I so pity the folks at the FCC who will need to read through this stuff.

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