osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

God Really Does Not Need Bullies

I was struck by this bit (lifted from Crooks & Liars) where Wiley Drake explains to Alan Colmes that if Barack Obama does not turn his life around, that God should strike him dead in accordance with various passages of the Bible.

Conservative Christians aren't the only ones who pull this nonsense, of course. Heck, one doesn't even need to be Christian, or even one of the People of the Book, to ask that whatever higher power you serve take note of Your Loyal Servant and strike dead Whoever Loyal Servant Opposes.

As I've observed before, God really doesn't need bullies. If God doesn't like someone's conduct, He is perfectly capable of dealing with the matter on his own. I do, however, feel constrained to observe that Psalm's states: "may sin perish from the Land" not sinners. I must also observe that according to Kohelet: "Because the judgment is long deferred, men's hearts are tempted to sin," which indicates to me at last that one should not hold one's breath for this sort of thing.

But if you are going to call down the wrath of God to prove your own righteousness, you ought to insist on a rather unambiguous sign, as demonstrated in Num: 16:28-35. Otherwise people are likely to remain skeptical.

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