osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Lars Ulrich has "No Regrets" About Destroying Napster

This piece from TorrentFreak is not, as one might imagine, terribly sympathetic to Lars Ulrich explaining how he and Metallica did the right thing crushing Napster. Amusingly to me, he credits Napster's management with a "campaign" to make them look like greedy Luddites. Actually, I think most fans arrived at that conclusion on their own.

What is amusing for me is that the destruction of Napster as having so much control that it was guilty of vicarious infringement by inducing people to infringe and providing the tools to do so probably did more to promote p2p alternatives than anything else. Fileswappers embraced P2P as a means of eliminating the central control that had rendered Napster liable.

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