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Michael Medved Twice = Voice of Reason in 24 hours

It happened that I twice Conservative pundit Michael Medved as a guest on a news show and found him being the voice of reason.

First was yesterday as I was stuck endlessly in Logan being forced to watch the endless discussion of the Louis Gates story, which was noteworthy for one day but -- of course -- now consumes every erg of cable news energy not devoted to Michael Jackson or Barack Obama's birth certificate. Medved was saying: "Look, I don't think race figured into it at all. I think this cop was behaving fine until he thought Gates was disrespecting him. Then he did act stupidly. As a cop, he should have used his training to defuse the situation or walk away. Because as a cop, once it was clear there was no crime being committed and there was no danger, it was his job to take it -- not arrest someone for disrespecting him."

Then this evening, on the drive back home, I heard him as a guest on another show. He was quite angry about the "birther" movement. "I think it is a moral imperative of all conservatives to denounce this fringe movement. I think it's sleazy that some of my colleagues are now going along with this by saying they are just 'asking questions.' At this time more than ever, there is an imperative that all conservatives should condemn this effort."

Moderator: "You're saying the Republicans shouldn't even be asking the question about this?"

Medved: "That's right. At a time when we are finally starting to get some traction on the real issues challenging this country -- on the government take over of health care, on cap & tax, and on outrageous spending -- we're dissipating our energy and destroying our credibility by catering to a bunch of whacko fringe groups, many of whom aren't even even Republican."

I'd never considered the Birthers as being the thing that will save the Ds from their self-destructive nature, but Medved has a point. Independent voters may find it ridiculous that Ds can't get their crap together. But as long as the alternative is utterly obsessed with ridiculous trivialities, Ds will remain in the majority -- just as the Rs remained in the majority long after they ran out of ideas but the Ds still trembled like jello pudding before them.

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