osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Draft Filk -- UPDATED

OK, this probably won't make sense to anyone not in the SCA. It's also in draft form, as I am still noodling with it. But it is sufficiently silly that I needed to set it down.

TTO: Born on the List Field by Master Ivar Battleskald (can't remember, anyone?)

First came the robbers, then came the ransom
Then came the drought and the blight
While you preened and strutted
We starved and were gutted
And the clerics told us this was right

We're the worms of the Earth
You're the lions of might
And you think you're hot stuff 'cause you're knights
Though we know you will kick our ass come the dawn
We will drink from your helmets tonight

I'm not sure if it needs more verses or not.

Update: I like this verse, added by Gwendolyn the Graceful of Aethelmarc on the Pennsic Bards list.

So just like my father
I'm stuck in this shithole
But here's an end that I would choose
We stare at the fire
Right down to the wire
We have nothing really left to lose.

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