osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Turns Out 40% of Tweets are "Babble"

By which the researchers apparently mean "people talking to each other about their personal stuff which may or may not be important to them but the rest of the world doesn't care about.

By this criteria, most phone calls are probably "babble" as well. Human beings are social critters who like to communicate. Until 100 years ago, that was the bulk of communication. Then came electronic media, and push communication, along with recording media to enshrine the worthy forever. We went from a world where people sat in their parlors or porches or in front of their tenement buildings and talked to a world clustered around around our electronic devices giving us the voices of a few. Why sing around the piano when you can listen to Caruso? Why sit and crack jokes when you can hear Jack Benny?

And now that we restore the ability of people to communicate, a substantial number of people wonder what is the point.


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