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Link Harvest: Straw Poll Results From Netroots Nation


(I really have to put this and Personal democracy Forum on my calendar for next year.)

In any event, the results are interesting given that this is a self-selecting group within a self-selecting group of progressive activists. Key takeaways (besides the fact that John Stewart is the person to whom these guys feel most favorable, followed by Barak Obama and Stephen Colbert).

1) A majority do not favor healthcare reform without a public option, but do favor incremental steps on energy reform and Employee Free Choice Act.

2) Healthcare is the issue on which people feel most intensely, but even here, there is only limited commitment to contributing time and money to make it happen.

3) 95% approve of Obama's performance so far -- indicating that Obama has not lost the support of the Netroots advocates (this may change depending on what happens with public option). This is also reflected in the fairly even split between those who feel the best way to move a progressive agenda forward is to support Obama generally and reserve focused criticism for those opposing the progressive agenda, v. those who believe that netroots activists should openly criticize and oppose Obama and Democrats when they take non-progressive positions.

4) A majority of those attending classed themselves as "Progressive," with a substantial plurality classing themselves as "Liberal."

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