osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I plan to be thoroughly grumpy

The public policy geek in me can't help but see this as a classic network effect. For months I resisted getting on "LJ." But, as more of my friends got on LJ (including my wife, Bad Becky Bird!), the more friends _relied_ on LJ to communicate general news updates about life, and the more they expected the rest of their friends to have LJ accounts, meaning they updated those of us without LJ accounts less.

So here I am, rationalizing that I will spend most of the time reading (as soon as I figure out this "firends list" business) but recognizing I will do some writing because (a) I cannot keep my yapper shut, and (b) it is essential in community to contriubute.

But I resolve to be thoroughly grumpy. In the same way that I utterly refuse to customize my ring tones or otherwise personalize my cell phone, I plan to make this page as vanilla as possible. It's only attraction will be my crumdgeonly postings. Happily, I am not advertiser supported.

Back to work.

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