osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Genakowski, Gelnn Beck, and the Army of Poo-flinging Flying Monkeys.

"Will Genachowski Give Obama A Heart, A Brain, and Courage To Face Glenn Beck and His Army of Flying Monkeys Flinging Poo"

Wherein I write an interminably long piece analyzing the attack strategy, chastise the Dems for failing to understand that the Beck attack was weak and failing until they capitulated, and explain why Genachowski needs to borrow a page from W and stand by his man until the 24-hour news cycle goes on to the next Octomom sleeps with celebrity scandal.

Probably the longest thing anyone has written on this subject, which is why my Technorati rating is in the imaginary numbers. OTOH, I posted something unfavorable about Glenn Beck, so my traffic will go waaaaaay up. Tea Baggers, remember to click through ads!

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