osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Link Harvest: TPRC 2009 Papers That Look Interesting

TPRC is a fairly good hybrid conference where policy wonks from industry, academia, the public interest sector, and government get together to go all insanely geeky at each other on internet policy issues. If your idea of a good time is an intensive data dump with a boatload of engineers, economists, lawyers, and other fields related to information policy, this is hog heaven.

Sadly, it is pretty much always during the Jewish holidays, so I miss it 9 times out of ten. But here are my list of papers that looked interesting and that I need to try to read.

Prisoners of our own device: Lock in effects and telecom policy.

Do We Need Policy 3.0? The Case of the Netherlands.

all of Spectrum session 1.

Input sabotage and the welfare cnsequences of parity rules.

Consumer Sovereignty and how the US is lagging.

How to determine if a traffic management practice is "reasonable."

Invoking and Avoiding the 1st Amen; How ISPs leverage their status as creators and conduits.

Spectrum auctions session, because I have to.

anticompetitive behavior in spectrum markets.

good stuff in FTTH panel on international experience

Structural separation v. vertical integration, lessons from electric industry reform.

Network platform competition and the two-sided market.

Universal service in Brazil.

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