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Writer's Block: Agree to disagree

Have you ever stopped being friends with someone over differences in political views? Are there any issues that are so important to you that you cannot be friends with someone who holds a contrary opinion?
No. I am content to acknowledge people as wrong, but still people, judged on their deeds and overall personality. For four years, I had a friend of mine who is a passionate supporter of Hamas and the Palestinian cause. When someone asked me how I could have a man who would happily see the destruction of the state of Israel as a guest in my home, I responded "just because we might, under other circumstances, have to kill each other does not mean we shouldn't be friends."

To which I must add one of my favorite RAH quotes: Always try to understand your enemy. It may leave room for him to become your friend. Or allow you to kill him without hate.

As for whether there are any issues that are so important to me that I cannot be friends if they hold a contrary opinion? A few. If someone tells me that he thinks there was no Holocaust and the Elders of Zion run the world, I'm rather unlikely to be friends.
Tags: argument, disagree, grudge, writer's block

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