osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Further Evidence of Decline of the Chattering Class

Back in February, I wrote about the decline of the chattering class of pundits and the rise of the discussion class via social media. Two recent events appear to underscore these trends.

1. The failure of the continued attack on the Administration policy coordinators (aka "Czars"). Despite sustained attacks by Beck and others, the attempt to go after various policy coordinators has pretty much tanked since the Administration caved early on Van Jones and others. Fox has not dropped the issue, but it has resolutely refused to catch fire and no one outside Fox's base of about 2-3 million viewers cares very much (although I remain mildly envious of my friends who made the enemies list).

2. Recent polls show that the majority of Americans prefer a bill that includes a public option (ABC/Wash Post, CBS News, NB: Fox has somewhat different results on a different phrasing of the question). After weeks of declaring the public option dead, the chattering class now finds itself confronted by its resurrection. Some of that is a result of Ds junking the idea of bipartisanship. Some of that is the fact that "public option" covers a range of possible outcomes.

But public opinion and public attention is increasingly diverging from the way in which talking heads frame the issues. A good thing for Democracy, and ultimately for the future of news reporting.

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