osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

AT&T Tells Employees How To Vote on NN

AT&T's president Jim Ciccone sent a little message to employees urging them to contact the FCC to explain how they will be fired it would be bad for America if AT&T employees do not lobby the FCC from their personal accounts the FCC adopts network neutrality rules.

This is always one of the fun issues in corporate lobbying/any kind of civic engagement. OTOH, it is clearly an issue that impacts the company and therefore, at some level, the employees. OTOH, it is kinda hard to miss the implication that your boss would really, really, appreciate your being a good little boy/girl and voting the company line. In this particular case, explicitly telling employees to use their personal accounts so that they will not be recognized as AT&T employees contributes to the impression Mr. Ciccone is motivated less by a desire to see civic engagement and more by a desire to push his bottom line.

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