osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Cause and Effect?

Back in May, there was a study done purporting to show that parents take better care of attractive children then ugly ones. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7721095/ Researchers watched parents with children 2-5 years old in supermarkets and observed that children rated "ugly" were more often allowed by their parents to engage in risky behavior through neglect or inattention of the parent than the more "beautiful" ones.

At the time, there was much clucking of tongues at how shallow we are and how humans appear to be hard wired to be shallow (ah, there's genetics and evolution again).

But it struck me that we have a lot of children in our synogogue and, as I watched them running and playing, a thought struck me.

None of these kids is ugly.

I don't mean in some metaphorical "ain't humans wonderful and our spirits are beuatiful blah blah inner beauty blah blah" way. I mean that watching them all run around, cleaned up, dressed in their synogogue clothes, the pack of about 15 or so of them looked adorable. Obviously, Aaron was the handsomest and most adorable. But adjusting for that, they all looked real good.

But that seemed to me kind of odd. How did it end up that we have no ugly children in our synogogue? Did someone put "adorableness magic" in the grape juice?

Then I did a mental experiment, using Julian rather than Aaron to avoid as much prejudice as possible. Anyone who has seen Julian will tell you he is an adorable, handsome, happy bouncy toddler who -- when not wreaking unholy havoc -- is a pleasure to be around.

Now lets pretend Julian was raised by less attentive parents (like, say, his natural birthmonster) rather than Estherchaya and SethCohen. Hmm, add dirt to the face, mess the hair, probably some scratches, clothes a mess, add some snot, take away the happy attitude and sweatness. Color his energy a bit more destructive or whinny. MAN,THAT'S AN UGLY KID.
(Shake head to clear image).

So how do we have so many adorable kids in our synogogue? And is that why their parents are all loving and attentive? Or, just maybe, did the researchers reverse the cause and effect.

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