osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Christie Monty Python Clip: Fair Use Or Copyright Theft?

Another fun one in the political speech v. copyright. Christie (the R Gubernatorialcandidate for NJ) used a clip of Monty Python for a political ad. More details (and the clip) here:

I suspect that a court would find infringement rather than fair use here. This differs from the spat of election year "I'm a liberal/conservative musician and I don't want the conservative/liberal candidate to use my music" because the music cases are covered by public performance rights. Here, Christie has taken a significant segment of copyrighted material and used it to comment on his opponent. this would appear to exceed what is usually permitted by parody. But this is not a parody fair use case. It is a political speech case, which is somewhat different.

I also thought the ad was pretty funny.

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