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If you would understand motivations

A friend sent me this "open letter to the world" on Google video.

I do not offer it for proof of the matter stated or for its inherently persuasive value. Heck, I know that the Romans trashed Israel because they had an Imperial policy of supressing rebellion, and, as an historic matter, we ended up doing better than Carthage did.

And, as I myself have observed before, one could write quite a different open letter from the Palestinian perspective.

Rather, I offer it here because it is a well presented example of a fairly widespread view among Jewish supporters of Israel. It captures exceedingly well the perception that the current political reaction of the world to Israel's actions is merely the continuation of 2000 years of oppression at the hands of a hostile world that will never be satisified until every Jew is dead.

To events in the Middle East, it is essential to understand the historical context in which participants place the events. Arabs place the creation of the State of Israel and current events in the context of "western Imperialism." Jews, by contrast, place the current events in the context of the 2000 year experience following the Roman suppression of the revolt in Judea and destruction of the Temple.

It makes living in the now rather difficult.

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