osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Jesse Ventura Silenced by MSNBC in 2003

Interesting. Jesse Ventura says MSNBC canceled his show and refused to release him from his contract. This is consistent with claims made by Phil Donahue years ago.

This may seem odd given where MSNBC is now, but it spent much of its time until about 2005 flumphing around trying to figure out what to do with itself. It was not until the emergence of Olberman and the ratings success of programming progressive/liberal v. Fox conservative. Donahue complained bitterly in 2003-04 that his show was canceled despite increasing rating (it started pretty dismal, but was starting to ramp up) because he was opposing the war in Iraq. It also parallels claims by Dan Rather that he was forced out at CBS over the management's desire to appease the Bush Administration.

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