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Last night's overindulgence and Shabbos Menu

At loose ends, with no movie we could agree on and not desiring Chinese food, we went to Pomegranate Bistro for a wildly expensive overindulgence.

The earliest reservation they had was for 8:30 p.m. I would say kosher restaurants do a brisk business Christmas Eve. The wait staff were very attentive despite the extremely heavy crowd, although by that time in the evening the kitchen was out of some of the specials and the duck egg roll with sweet potato gnocchi I had initially selected. So I got the smoky pepper soup, which was very nice with an excellent texture. Becky started with the Godzilla roll. I must say, cooked sushi rolls seem to have become "the thing" recently at kosher places down here. Yes, I'm sure they have been around forever elsewhere. But kosher restaurants -- especially outside NY or LA -- are not exactly cutting edge cuisine so they have only recently emerged on my radar screen. Our friend Dave had the beef satay, which was done a nice pink.

For dinner we all had the same thing, the steak au poivre, rare, with wassabi mashed potatoes and garlic asparagus. Pom Bistro is brilliant with meat, and they actually understand the concept of rare. The mashed potatoes were wonderful. I love wassabi, and the wassabi mashed potatoes acted like a horseradish sauce for the steak. For dessert, Dave and I had the Pom Chocolate Tart, which is incredibly dense and rich with a pomegranate sauce in the center, while Becky had the apple cobbler with "ice cream" (but fairly good "ice cream").

All of this accompanied by a very nice Bordeaux.

Now I need to cook for shabbos. Happily, we have gotten an invite from estherchaya and sethcohen for lunch. Dinner, I have some friends coming over who are vegetarian. Happily, they are of the fish eating variety, so I will get to play with some salmon preparations now that I have finally figured out the "how to do crispy skin" on the fish.

They are also here to get an education in scotch.

Tentative menu:

Incredibly Indulgent Onion Soup (it starts with "melt one stick butter" and goes from there)

Accompanying scotch -- soup is heavy and strong, but will not pair well with smokiness. Match with Tamdhu

Potato lentil curry with ginger yogurt (moderate spiciness)
Broccoli with sesame sauce (moderate spiciness)
Cauliflower salad
Hot spinach salad (if I can manage this)
Terryaki salmon

The flavors are heavy and strong, except for the salmon which is more delicate but the quintessential scotch fish. Choice between the Abunadh single cask strength and the Talisker 15 yr old. White Zinfandel for the wine, as I like that pairing with salmon.

Desert palate cleanser, Speyside: A light highland with a vanilla finish.

Desert: Cheese plate and apples. Wine: Moscatto.

Finishing scotch: Probably the Laphroig Quarter Cask. Better than brandy for after the meal. Heavy, taste the wood, sits on the tongue and provides an excellent conclusion to the meal.

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