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So How Dinner Actually Turn Out Friday Night?

As usual, the best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal. The menu underwent some alteration. But I'm pleased with the finished product, the pairings worked well, and I give myself a pat on the back for pulling it together (with Becky's help on the Cauliflower and the sesame sauce) in only 2.5 hours. Whose your Chopped Champion?

Overindulgent onion soup paired with Tamdhu. A light Highland strong enough to stand up to the flavors of the soup, but not smoky. wine=Argentine Cabernet, which is also used in the soup.

Layered salad of cucumber, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, and feta cheese garnished with avocado with homeade dressing of balsamic vinegar, garlic clove, fresh basil, and a drop of light olive oil. wine=same.

Palate cleanser=tyrconell single malt Irish Whisky. Light, springy, refreshing after the salt of the feta.

Main course:
Acorn squash with molases and pecans
Brocoli with sesame sauce
Cauliflower salad
Lentil/mushroom tomato curry with ginger yogurt
Teriyaki salmon

Wine=White Zinfandel, which matches the salmon better than the cabernet as the salmon is delicate and would be overwhelmed. Scotch=Highland Park single cask strength. A few drops of water bring out the flavor notes and reduce the alcohol, which would otherwise be overwhelming.

Dessert= cheddar and blue cheese serves with sliced apples and pears, stawberries, blackberries, walnuts and pecans.
Scotch=Speyburn. A light highland with a vanilla finish that matches the creaminess of the cheese and the fruit notes.

For afterdinner political discussion (my visiting friends being in the same line of work), kill the remains of the Glenmorrangie 18 yr old special reserve.

Gonna have to do more meals like this. But would like to share out the cost and work some. Ideally, I'd like to have a bunch of folks bringing one dish and one drink that pairs with it. But the problem with keeping kosher is that this is rather difficult.

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