osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

The Inevitable Avatar Race Debate

Actually, an interesting article When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar. The premise of the author is that Avatar belongs to a species of movie that is the "white race fantasy" of getting to be part of an oppressd group, atoning for the wrongs inflicted on others, and ultimately getting to lead the oppressed group, thus getting rewarded for being so enlightened and making this "accessible" to white people.

I do think the author misunderstands the fundamentals of Dune but that's a side point. Still, I note that Dune is not about Paul Atriedes going native to atone for anything. Paul and his mother Jessica knowingly use a cultural manipulation protocol to hijack a culture and fundamentally alter it. The best Paul gets in escaping guilt is the conviction from his precognition that he was -- despite all evidence to the contrary -- an instrument of destiny than a conscious actor.

But as I say, this is a side point. The essay is well written and provocative.

I should add as a matter of full disclosure that my own "race fantasy" movies are more in line with Inglorious Basterds.

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