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ABC Road to 9-11

Article describing flap.

As the article observes, it is rather similar to the fight in 2003 on the CBS Regan bio-pic. (see my professional blog at http://www.wetmachine.com/totsf/item/19 for my comments there).

I do not expect protest to have the same impact here, as the Dems are not in power and are usually much more wussy about using it to punish those who cross them.

My chief objection is that if you claim this is based on the 9-11 Commission Report, you are deliberately invoking that bipartisan and respected document to add an air of accuracy to your "dramatization." To then include stuff you can't document which you then justify as o.k. to do because this is merely a "dramatization" rather than a "documentary" is bloody dishonest. When Michael Moore does a documentary that is an indictment of the Bush Administration, or Swift Boat Veterans put out a documentary that is an indictment of Kerry, they don't hide their perspective. These producers will tell you all the reasons why they are telling the truth and the other side is full of baloney, but they don't claim to rely on a neutral source while making stuff up (to the contrary, they take credit for their original work that, in their opinion, exposes the manipulation of the "neutral" sources). You know what you're getting and, if so inclinced, seek other views.

What ABC has done is to pretend they relied on a trusted source, then larded it with material from other sources hotly denied by the participants. That's just plain dishonest. To follow it up with a careful set of previews for conservative audiences so that you can generate positive buzz and gin up defenses against the inevitable protests emphasizes that ABC/Disney _knew_ it was dishonest. Whether this is a politically motivated scam to influence the mid-term elections and keep a Congress far more friendly to Disney's business interests or a cynical manipulation to artificially create controversy and publicity is irrelevant. It's dishonest and shameful.

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