osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Link Harvest: Econ Value of Open Internet

NYU Report: http://www.policyintegrity.org/documents/Free_to_Invest.pdf
Press Kit: http://www.policyintegrity.org/documents/1.7.10NetNeutralityMediaResourceKit.pdf

Need to read. Short version is that having an open internet creates positive externalities and allowing prioritization is likely to reduce overall content creation and broadband use generally, with negative consequences for the economy as a whole.
Kinda reminds me of the piece I wrote on this nearly four years ago. http://www.wetmachine.com/totsf/item/441

Now I will freely grant to Libertarians a moral argument over whether it is appropriate to base industry regulation on the presence or absence of positive externalities. Being of the "messy reality" school, I think the principle holds in certain circumstances but is competing with other principles of individual autonomy and public policy is a balance to try to achieve the overall best results (determining what constitutes "best results" is also a policy exercise, but a different one). This simply goes to an oft debated economic question: is it a better industrial policy to require network neutrality, or not?

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