osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Can the MA Senate Race Please, Please Be Over Already?

Really. All it does is highlight the fact that our national, regional and local media have become incapable of actual reporting and have devolved into the most surface "horse race" coverage which looks exclusively as at who is "winning" both in the specific contest and for the two national "teams." There is no coverage of any substance. Worse, because the media can only do horse race coverage, this single race is getting all kinds of media attention at the expense of more in depth analysis of other issues.

And the failure of the media has, in turn, created a whole industry around manipulating the media. Which is why we have 30 gazillion different polls and efforts to use them to create a media environment and bolster followers and discourage opponents.

And even if Coakley wins by a landslide, we know the post-election narrative is going to be how this is somehow bad for the Dems.

Since we can't possible change the media, we need to just end the Senate race already. It's just too embarrassing to us as a nation.

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