osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

At Least An Extraordinarily Crappy Week Ends On A High Note

Sadly, not because I will be at Arisia. But at least the FCC took care of a bit of old business and granted my wireless microphone petition.

Short version: all you U.S. folks who have been using wireless microphones that operate on the broadcast bands will need to check the FCC's web page because you need to get off the channels that got auctioned in 2008 (channels 52-69). You are now actually legal to use Channels 2-51 (you weren't before). You may thank me for the fact that I pushed to make wireless microphones legal for everyone, over the objections of the broadcasters, Broadway (bastards wanted to legalize themselves and screw everyone else) and my own allies at Microsoft and Google (who wanted to limit the number of legal wireless microphones operating on the TV white spaces).

My victory lap is a bit more vigorous than usual because this entire proceeding goes back to my old blog post here. Although God knows it would have been impossible without the folks at New America Foundation, who compiled over 100 pages of evidence to support my legal theory and did a bang up job in the drafting and post-filing lobbying.

"Crush my enemies, drive them before me,and hear the lamentations of their $1000/hr lawyers."

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