osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Still not inspired to fight forces of darkness

Which is a problem because there's lot's O' darkness to fight.

While Bill was in the hospital again, some other person who does mashgiach work tried to steal his job. Apparently, said person told whoever handles the mashgiach assignments in Boston that Bill's continued hospitalizations made Bill undependenable for the pre-Rosh Hashannah busy season and someone more dependable *ahem* should be assigned. Happily, nothing came of it. But the depths to which some folks will sink is pretty wretched.

Meanwhile, EstherChaya is down with a kidney stone, so wish her a refuah shleimah and speedy recovery. Aaron did a very good job handling change of schedule (we had Julian over for a little bit and then I drove kids to school today because Karen was heading to the ER). Aaron has been very good about walking Julian to his class when dropped off.

Last night Aaron had a homework assignment that required him to complete the sentence "I'm special because..." Aaron wrote "because I do nice things for people." He's my sweetie bear.

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