osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Uncle Yaakov's Slightly Twisted Hebrew Children's Songs

Having a young nephew to sing to inspires me.

1) Yesh Lanu Taiyish

Yesh lanu tayish
Hatayish hu ma'atim
Nochal otoh im orez
V'gam salat zaytim

2) Chanan v'Aliza

Chanan v'Aliza yatzu la sadeh
Chanan hashochet v'Aliza ha seh.
Meh, meh, me-

3) Hashkaidiyah Porachat

Haskaidiyah porachat
V'shemesh gam zarachat
Tziporim meirosh kol gag
Korim korim l'kol echad
Chatulah higi'ah! Z'man l'hivaraich!
Chatulah higi'ah! Z'man l'hivaraich

Translations below cut.

1) We have a got

We have a goat
He is very tasty
We will eat him with rice
And a salad of olives

2) Chanan v'Aliza

Chanan and Aliza go out to the meadow
Chanan is a shochet (ritual slaughterer) and Aliza is a sheep
Meh, meh, me-

3) The Almond Tree Blossoms

The almond tree has blossomed
The Sun is shining
Birds on every rooftop call to one another:
"A cat is coming, time to flee! A cat is coming, time to flee!"

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