osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

A Bit More Healthcare Post-Mortem

Conservative David Frum has this piece on how conservatives blew it on Obamacare. Short version: Republicans made a strategic decision to portray a fairly conservative healthcare overhaul bill as the Socialist Apocalypse on a bet that this would be a replay on 1994. The consequence is that Obama will enjoy a serious rebound and conservatives missed the opportunity to develop compromises to ameliorate what Frum perceives as the true negatives of the bill. He also advises Conservatives to wake up to the fact that this won't get repealed, even if Rs sweep back into power.

In an apparently unrelated but totally related item, ACORN is disbanding. Conservatives have fixated on ACORN as the shadowy, powerful community organizer/fraud organization that "stole" the election for Obama, siphons off the money of hard working "real Americans" for welfare cheats, and keeps huge lists of "where de white women be at." ACORN has therefore been mercilessly hammered after release of the famed "Pimp My Ho" video. Mind you, a major embezzlement scandal did not exactly help.

So now Conservatives have racked up the impressive victory of obliterating ACORN. Total impact on policy? Zero. Total impact on likely voter turn out in 2010? Zero. I expect Conservative talk shows will now faithfully pursue the myriad split off organizations that are maintaining various socialist projects like community housing for the poor. Which is fine if that's how you get your jollies. But it doesn't win elections or change policy.

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