osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Princeton shows how "reasonable network management" is supposed to work.

Once again, I get to trumpet the enlightenment of my alma mater.
As detailed in this piece, iPads had a problem that started bringing down Princeton's wifi network. So Princeton blocked the iPads, diagnosed the problem, developed a work around, published the work around, allowed any iPad that implemented the work around to reconnect, and is now working with Apple to share the work around with everyone.

I should point out that Princeton was never subject to any network neutrality rules. Not only are there no such rules in effect at the moment, owing to the recent decision by the DC Circuit, but Princeton is a "private network" (meaning they do not hold themselves out as doing business to the public) and therefore would not be subject to the proposed rules even if they were in effect. But it's such a good example of how to deal with the "what if a device runs rampant and starts taking down the network" scenario that I had to post something.

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